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Bettilt is a reputed and trusted live sports betting platform operated by Abundantia B.V- a company registered under the laws of Curacao. The brand got its recognition as an online sportsbook provider and extended its services to a wide range of casino sections. Today, Bettilt is a giant online betting platform offering multi-product packages supporting 40 bet types and around 3000 sporting events every month. 

Bettilt comprises a huge pool of online games and an exclusive division of bookmakers. It allows you access to a massive collection of live games and virtual sports with the highest odds available on the internet.

Multi-lingual support

The site is accessible in a wide range of languages ranging from English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Hindi (Indian), German, Turkish, Norwegian, Japanese, and many others on the way. 

Regular updates

Improve your earnings by keeping yourself updated with upcoming events, sports, tips, and tricks. Subscribe to our newsletters and receive unlimited updates on your favorite sports like football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, etc. 


Unlike most platforms, at Bettilt, it is not mandatory to install any exclusive application for access. 

However, you can download our mobile version offering a seamless user experience and compatibility across all iOS and Android Devices. If you are a fan of the big screen, we also have a desktop version.

Real-time coverage and updates

We cover all major European competitions, and users can access the fast and real-time static data in real-time on our site. We provide live access to an extensive array of weekly and daily sports tournaments and matches for users to live bet and wager on the in-play markets. 

Like traditional betting platforms, all registered players can access our sports betting option, updated through in-depth predictions by our top analysts. The best part is that bettors can place bets and earn anytime and anywhere. 

Exciting promotions and cashbacks

We provide frequent promotional offers for both newly registered and existing users. Users can receive a flat 10 percent reload bonus of up to 50 USD to place bets on sports. The minimum deposit is at least 25 USD to avail of this benefit. To withdraw that amount, users must wager 10x of that amount with 2.0 odds or higher.

On the other hand, returning users get a daily cashback of 10 percent with a minimum of 5 USD. Users must play this cashback at least once in the sportsbook, or it will expire after one week of redemption.

We do not provide promotions based on sports choices. Therefore, users are advised to check our site regularly for new offers that may appear from time to time. 

If your chosen team scores triple on a basketball match, you will get one euro bonus provided you bet at least 25 USD on your NBA team. 

We also provide a guaranteed bonus of 10 percent for every deposit during your gaming history. The bonus can be earned repeatedly, but it cannot exceeds 50 USD per day. 

Excellent customer support

Our customer support services are in English and Portuguese, available between 12 AM to 10 PM every day throughout the week. We can contact us through email or chat with our support team live.

What are betting odds, and why is it important?

Bookmakers use betting odds to evaluate the outcome of an event. You often find them written as fractions (2/1) or decimals (2.0). Sometimes, they are also written with a plus or a minus, such as +100. 

In simple terms, betting odds is a calculative probability of an outcome that tells us how much you can win if the event ends up with a particular outcome.

Types of betting odds

Betting odds are mostly displayed in three types: Fractional odds (British), Decimal odds (European), and Moneyline, aka American odds.

All betting odds present the same information in different ways. Despite what odds type you choose, it won't affect your payouts.

How do betting odds work?

Fractional Odds: 

They are popular among British and Irish bookies. They are written in a slash (/) and hyphen (-). For example, 5/1 or 5-1. They are pronounced as five to one. If the fractional listing is 5-1 or 5/1, it means at every $1 wager, you will earn $5 in addition to your $1 bet, totaling $6.

For instance, if the fractional odds for future betting of Houston Rockets is 9/4, that means if you bet $100, you will make [$100*9/4] = $225. Adding the initial stake of $100, the final amount you will make is $100+$225= $335.

Decimal Odds: 

Also known as European/digital/continental odds, decimal odds are popular in continental Europe, Canada, NZ, and Australia. The decimal odds represent the total payout rather than the profit. 


Let's assume the decimal odds for Donald trump was 4.00, and Joe Biden was 1.5. 

Hence, if you had waged $100 on Trump to be reelected as president, then you would have won $400 (net profit=$400-$100=$300) if he had won. Meanwhile, if you had waged on Biden, you would have won $150 (net profit=$50). 

Merely reviewing the prices set by the bookmaker, you can see that probability of Biden winning the election is higher. The higher the total payout, the lesser is the winning probability of the listed candidate.

American (Moneyline) Odds:

They are quite popular in the United States. The odds for the favorite team are accompanied by a minus (-) sign, while the positive (+) sign accompanies underdogs (opposing team). 

In both cases, you get the initial wager back along with the amount won. 


If the men's basketball game between Duke and Syracuse is priced with the following Moneyline odds: Duke: -700 and Syracuse: +590

For Syracuse, it indicates that you need to risk $100 on this underdog team to win $590. If Syracuse pulls off an upset, your total payout will be ($100+$590= $690).

Similarly, the minus (-) placed by the bookmaker on Duke means it has more chance of winning the game. So, if you place $100 on Duke, you will get ($100+$700) if it wins. 


Is Bettilt legal in India?

Yes, using betting sites in India like Bettilt is legal for Indian residents. Online betting in India is only illegal for Indian bookmakers. Since Bettilt is based in Cyprus, no law in India can ban an individual customer from placing an online bet with a bookmaker outside the country.

Legal Disclaimer: The legal information contained in this site is compiled by conversations with legal experts via careful research. All answers provided by us are truthful to our knowledge. However, you can contact a lawyer personally if you need legally binding answers.

What is the best online betting site in India?

While there are multiple online betting sites in India, Bettilt undoubtedly stands out in all aspects, especially legal and security. Firstly, our bookmakers are based outside India, so legally, you will not be breaking any rules while placing a bet.

Bettilt also provides 3000+ online sports betting events with its user-friendly interface, 128-bit encrypted payment gateway, and prompt customer support.

This is the only site that provides news and exciting promotions for both new and existing users.

How does an online betting site work?

Online betting is as similar as playing in a casino. The only difference is you will be betting money on the internet in a virtual environment over a wide range of games like sport games, poker, casino games, etc.

To do so, you need to register yourself at an online betting site like Bettilt.

It allows you to bet on the outcome of different events. If the team you bet won, you will get money. If it loses, you lose your bet money.

Therefore, you should wager money with responsibility and within limits. When done correctly, online betting can be a source of generous income and entertainment.